zondag 11 november 2007

I was tagged by Patrice ...... al een tijdje geleden ....

List one fact that is somehow relevant to your life for each letter of your middle name.
OKÉ here I go...and try to do it...

M - Music; without music I can't be creative
A - Art; that's what I try to make
R - Roses; one of my favourite flowers
G - Generous; that's how I experience creative persons
A - Amusing; what I feel when I'm creatiev
R - Raisin; love to eat it
E - Eat; I like it but I have to do it controled
T - Trust; something you've got to be carefull with
H - Hortensia's - my real favourite flower
A - Again an A, one to much, but I like my middle name, I got it from my grandmother

I would like to tag some other persons, but I think this name-game has been everywherr. So I nominate those who read this, and noth have been tagged.

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